VCP OEM Replica Style Floorboard Mount Tab

$ 25.00

Brand Visionary Cycle Products

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These are the early style floorboard tabs with the raised rib in them down the center. Replica of the 1936-1984 Style floorboard tabs. Perfect to replace your missing or broken OEM floorboard mounts. Fits all  OEM big twin frames.

You can also run these on later style swing arm frames if you open them up to fit the 1 1/8" tubing with a drum sander

These are also great to use for a mount to make custom made controls foot pegs.


100% made in the USA to ensure the highest quality product possible. 

* Sold as 1 single tab (if you require 2 tabs please make sure you purchase a quantity of 2

*All of our VCP castings need to be welded with pure nickle filler rod or mig wire. Instructions are included with each order and can also be viewed on the bottom of our home page