Knucklehead and Panhead Replica Springers

$ 1,525.00


These are a nice reproduction of the original Knucklehead and first year Panhead factory springers.

Constructed from top quality material so these can be used on modern day motorcycles with disc brakes as well as original vintage motorcycles with drum brakes.

-Drop forged construction instead of cast ( much stronger, safer, and better looking) 
-Made to OEM factory specifications and details during constuction
-Built with original style of connections, such as copper welding
- Stringent Quality Control :
      -Every 10th fork goes through Xray to check for micro fractures and other problems
     - Steel grades are guaranteed through licenses (absolutely no re salvaged scrap metal)

Springer Assemblies come completely assembled as shown with rockers in the photos. Rockers are the Big Twin (Knucklehead and Panhead style rockers for use with star hubs and drum brakes.)

Be sure to checkout our sealed bearing star hubs and replica front axle kits that work excellent with these springers.


Available in the following options :

- All black

- All black with chrome springs

- Black rear leg, chrome front leg, chrome rockers, chrome springs (Black/Chrome combo)

- All chrome

-Inline and Offset Stems are available for 1" Big Twin Stem Setups

- 1" Big Twin Stems or 7/8" 45" Stems available

These are made and assembled in Europe