Excel High Shouldered Aluminum Rims

$ 195.00

Brand Excel

Excel rims are high quality lightweight, strong, and reliable rim for you modern or vintage motorcycle.

These rims are pre drilled for Harley Davidson 40 spoke star hub patterns. They will also work with other Harley Davidson 40 spoke hubs as well as our VCP brand spool hubs.

We highly recommend using spokes from Buchanans if you plan on building the wheel yourself. Or we can lace it to whatever hub you would like. (please email us at visionarycycleproducts@yahoo.com if you would like a custom wheel built.)

Rims come in a semi polished finish from the factory.

Rims are available in the following sizes in the drop down menu:

21 x 1.60 WM1

19 x 2.15 WM3

18 x 2.50 WM4

(Please note our excel wheels have the red sticker on the outside of the rim removed, they are stamped on the inside of the rim with the excel logo in several places)