Visionary Cycle Products Super Narrow Hydraglide Trees Install Instructions

 The VCP Super Narrow Hydraglide Trees are designed to be used with OEM style Harley Davidson 41mm fork tubes and lower legs.

 Please inspect your package prior to assembly. The tree set should include the following :

 -1 Upper Tree

-1 Lower Tree

-1 Neck Stem

-1 Retaining Clip for the Neck Stem

-1 Front Axle for a ¾” bearing hub

-1 Stainless Lock Nut

-1 Stainless Flat Washer

 We recommend that you clean your fork tubes and give them a light coating of lubricating oil or just a spray with some WD40 on the outside to make installation easier.

 Also be sure to give the inside of the upper and lower trees a bit of lubrication where the fork tubes pass through prior to installation.

  1. Install the stem into the lower tree from the bottom up. The stem is designed to be removable. We recommend a light coating of green Loctite on the stem in the portion where it sits in the lower tree.
  2. Install the Retaining Clip in the bottom portion of the stem. Be certain the stem is seated on the lower tree with the retaining clip all the way up on the bottom side of the lower tree.
  3. Install your lower dust shield
  4. Install your lower Timken Bearing. (Be sure to remove any excess green Loctite prior to installing your lower bearing and dust shield)
  5. Slide your lower tree assembly into place on your neck
  6. Install your upper Timken bearing and dust shield
  7. Install your lower stem nut and set the bearing tension to where there is no up and down play in the bearings and the bearings can rotate freely when turning the trees
  8. Install the upper tree
  9. Install your flat washer
  10. Install your upper stem nut
  11. Go ahead and install your fork tube and lower leg assemblies into the lower tree and slide them on up into the upper tree. (some light hits with a rubber mallet or a soft dead blow hammer might be necessary)
  12. One the fork tubes are installed go ahead and install your fork tube caps into the fork tubes through the upper tree.
  13. You can now install your pinch bolts into the lower tree where the fork tubes pass through. The trees are tapped for a 3/8” fine thread and are designed to use with an AN style flat washer and a socket head bolt. (Please not due to the different styles of hardware and finish available these are not provided with your trees, some people like chrome hardware some like stainless and some like parkerized or cadmium so we do not provide these)

 *Please note if you are using early OEM lower legs that came with a drum brake you will need to run a sleeve on that brake side lower leg where the axle passes through it. The OEM trees had a brake sleeve that passed through that lower leg.

 If you have any questions regarding this product or any of our other product please send us an email to

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VCP Stellings and Hellings Style Springer Top Clamp and Risers Install Instructions
Be sure to use either blue loctite compound or an anti-seize compound on all bolts and threads to prevent galling on the aluminum.
Do not over tighten any bolts. They only need to be a snug fit. Over tightening will damage the threaded holes in the aluminum. All of the threads on this product are tested and checked before shipping.
In some instances the chrome hardware might need a quick thread chasing or you can run the threaded portion of the bolts through a wire wheel to remove any excess chroming from the chroming process. All of the hardware used with these is high quality made in the USA hardware from Colony Machine.

    We have found that the following procedures work well for lining up your risers and handlebars with the top clamp: 
-Due to the tight machining tolerances that we like to maintain on our products we recommend that you slide a smooth wedge or a dulled screwdriver in the pinch slot on the bottom of the risers near the pinch bolt
   -With the wedge still in place loosely install both risers onto the ears of the Springer top clamp and hand tighten down the pinch bolts (You might need to use a light tap with a rubber mallet to seat them all the way)
    -Remove the top caps for each riser keeping the top cap with its matching riser that it came with
    -Install your handlebars into the risers
    -Place the top caps back over the handlebars and onto their appropriate riser.
    - Make certain that the top caps are properly centered and positioned over their respective riser
    -Loosely install the riser bolts to a hand tight setting
    -At this point you should be able to slightly rock the risers forward or back and make any necessary adjustments to get the handlebars seated in the proper position.
    -Once you are satisfied with the handlebar position go ahead and tighten up all the pinch bolts and riser cap bolts.
    -Be sure to not over tighten any of the bolts. A tight snug fit is all that is necessary. Over tightening will cause damage to the internal threads.

    If you have any questions regarding any of the procedures please feel free to email us directly at
    Thank you for choosing Visionary Cycle Products

                                               Visionary Cycle Products

                                          Casting Pieces Welding Instructions

 -VCP Castings are made from Ductile Iron. Ductile Iron is stronger than cast steel and the properties of the ductile iron casting suit the tolerance of stresses and fatigue better on a motorcycle frame application when compared to cast steel. Ductile Iron is a suitable replacement for a forged steel application.


We recommend the following when installing and welding our castings :


-Ensure to properly clean and prep all areas of welding                                                                                           -Properly fit and line up the casting you are going to weld                                                                                    -Preheat the casting with a butane torch or any suitable heat source till the casting is approximately 300 degrees. This is less than getting the material “cherry red” color while heating.                                                                          -Be sure to use a pure nickel filler rod or welding wire.                                                                                                -Let the casting and welding area cool naturally on its own

 Thank you for choosing Visionary Cycle Products