Ohlins Blackline Non Piggyback Shocks

$ 850.00

Brand Ohlins

This shock is a 13 1/4" length shock.

This is Ohlins Blackline mid level shock. I

t is a single-tube dividing piston pressurizing system (gas & oil do not mix) shock.

This shock has pre-load and damping adjustability and the rider can also adjust the ride height by +/- 3/8 of an inch.

Available for the following models




-Also available for shovelhead and panhead frames where applicable

After you order please send us an email with the following info to visionarycycleproducts@yahoo.com so we can ensure that your shocks are made to the proper specs

- Your order number

- Model 

- Year

- Total Bike Weight with rider and passenger if applicable

These are totally custom built shocks according to your specs that you provide. Please allow approximately 14 days for them to be built and shipped to you.