Hydraulic Springer Drum Brake

$ 650.00

Brand Visionary Cycle Products

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The Ultimate in stopping power for a drum brake assembly for your springer front end has arrived with this hydraulic version of the factory Springer fork brake. Behind the stock looking backing plate hides a master cylinder which activates the brake shoes and significantly improves the brake’s performance to a level unknown to date. No more cable operated drum brakes for your front end. Let the hydraulics do the work.

The kit includes a complete, pre-installed backing plate and a new brake drum. Handlebar brake controls, brake line and fittings are not included.

Fits all 1936-1948 springer front ends when using the big twin style rockers with star hub wheels.

** For use with 12mm or equivalent master cylinders.

** Wheel cylinder takes an M10 x 1.25 brake fitting

Made in Europe