VCP Deluxe Model Cast Aluminum Floorboard Inserts

$ 30.00

Brand Visionary Cycle Products

A very popular item back in the bobber days of the 40's and 50's, our Deluxe Model flooboard inserts are made from a high quality aluminum and are constructed from our own high quality casting core to ensure the best quality possible. These are not like the cheap repop style floorboards that most companies make from a lost wax casting, which usually have runny looking lines and lose a lot of the detail in the pattern. Ours have nice crisp lines and edges and the detail finish on them is of great quality.

Flooboards are sold as a set of 2


100% made in the USA to ensure the highest quality product possible. 

*Each set comes in an undrilled casting in order to work with different bolt hole patterns or sizes for different variations of aftermarket and OEM floorboards which also ensures a proper fit. Drilling is required on these for installation.