Syndicate Choppers Mid Control Shifter Plate for 70-84 Shovelhead Motors with Open Belt Drives

$ 200.00

Brand Syndicate Choppers

These plate setups will work with all 1970-84 shovelhead motors. They will fit a 1.5" or 2" open belt primary. They can also be used in a closed tin primary setup.

We can custom make them to fit 3" primary belts as well. Please email us at if you would like to have that done.

If you using a ratchet top transmission they must have the FX style shifter drum which puts the shifter tab facing up in the 12 o'clock position. If you have an FL transmission with the shifter tab facing down you will have to either swap to an FX style shifter drum or change out your ratchet lid with an FX style ratchet lid. These will fit all year rotary top transmissions as well. (If you run the FL shifter drum with an FX shifter arm your shifting pattern will be reversed)

These are also great for using as a foot clutch with a hand shifter setup.

*Customer will need to provide their own early FX shovelhead mid control shifter shaft and toe lever and shifter linkage. For ratchet top transmissions use the stock shovelhead FX shifter shaft and toe lever. They can be found well priced used on ebay. THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE PRODUCT

*** If you are using the 1979 and up style rotary top transmission you will need to use the following OEM shifter linkage components with this setup from a '79 and up FX. The last picture shows this setup installed on a rotary top transmission***

-Shifter Rod #33185-79

-Shifter Lever #34655-79

-Rod Linkage #34659-79


*** Please note that you might have to extend the stock shifter shaft to get better linkage alignment with the ratchet top lid shifter tab. Also note due to the varying lengths on some OEM or aftermarket shifter shafts and thickness on the toe levers you might need to run a small spacer or thrust washer in between the toe lever and the outer bushing on the sleeve of the plate. In some circumstances depending on your engine, frame, and trans you might have to space the shifter plate away from the engine case with spacers behind the plate between the motor.

On 1970 and up bikes we recommend using a trans main shaft support plate and an alternator cover, those usually line the plate nicely.

Foot peg mount is NOT included, we recommend using a 3/8" sized clevis to the length that is comfortable for your foot to rest on whatever peg you are using


100% made in the USA to ensure the highest quality product possible.